Forestry Aid (Fire)

GYF seeks a Forestry Aid (Fire) Intern at the Everglades National Park (ENP), Bill Robertson Building, located at 40001 State Road 9336, Homestead, Florida, which is approximately 30 minutes from the downtown city of Homestead. Internship will be a 120 day full-time equivalent position.

Position Tasks:
The purpose of the position is wildland fire suppression/management/control, as a firefighter on an engine, helitack module, or hand crew. Other wildland fire related duties might involve fire prevention, patrol, detection, or prescribed burning. The incumbent will also be involved with the maintenance and repair of firefighting tools equipment and facilities, and will receive firefighting training.

The intern will be under the supervision of a Supervisory Forestry Technician (Engine Captain).

Maior Duties (70%)

  • Serves as a member of a fire crew assigned to suppress the full range of wildland fires. Performs assignments as a wildland firefighter in developing a working knowledge of fire suppression and fuels management techniques, practices and terminology. This consists of fireline construction, use of pumps and engines, hose lays using appropriate nozzles and nozzle adjustments in the effective use of water and additives, working in and around aircraft such as helicopters, safety rules, and basic fire behavior.
  • Searches out and extinguishes burning materials by moving dirt, applying water by hose or backpack pump, etc.
  • Chops brush, fells small trees, and moves dirt to construct fireline using various hand tools such as axes, shovels, Pulaskis, McLeods, and may use power tools including chainsaws and portable pumps to control spreading of wildland fire and/or to prepare control lines prior to burning.
  • Patrols fireline to locate and extinguish embers, flareups, and hotspot fires that may threaten developed firelines.
  • Cleans, reconditions, and stores fire tools and equipment.
  • May assist trained personnel in more specialized assignments such as backfire and burnout, mobile and stationary engine attack, construction of helispots, helitack operations, and performing hover hookups.
  • Participates in fire and safety training in the techniques, practices, and methods of fire suppression and in the safe, efficient operation and use of tools, equipment and vehicles used in fireline activities. Participates in crew proficiency checks and drills. Participates in safety sessions and fire critiques. Ensures own and others’ welfare and safety in all aspects of the assignments.

Additional Duties (30%)

  • May be assigned to a fire lookout to provide detection and reporting of wildfires.
  • May perform project work such as fuel inventory, preparing associated reports, and hazard fuel reduction projects.
  • May perform project work such as road and trail maintenance, habitat manipulation, and miscellaneous equipment and facilities maintenance.
  • May assist higher level workers in forestry/range research efforts; in the marketing of forest/range resources; or in the scientific management, protection, and development of forest/range resources.

Other Significant Facts

  • This is a testing designated position (TDP) under the Department of the Interior Drug-Free Workplace Program.
The successful candidate should be able to do the following:

Duties involve rigorous fieldwork requiring above average physical performance, endurance and superior conditioning. Work requires prolonged standing, walking over uneven ground, and recurring bending, reaching, lifting and carrying of items weighing over 50 pounds and shared lifting and carrying of heavier items, and similar strenuous activities requiring at least average agility and dexterity. Duties include demands for strenuous activities in emergencies under adverse environmental conditions and over extended periods of time. Operation of some specialized fire equipment can place extended physical stress on incumbent during fire activities. Incumbent is subject to medical examination and must pass the work capacity test for arduous positions.

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