Forestry Tech (IRT)

Site Location: Ouachita National Forest (Jessieville, AR)

Position Description:
This 24-week program is a rigorous work and learning experience that provides exposure to the Forest Service, development and training opportunities, and the opportunity to make a lasting impression on generations to come. Participants will gain experience in techniques and practices relating to natural resources management programs, (i.e., timber and silviculture, recreation, wildlife, range, and fire and fuels management). Specific duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Timber: Perform timber marking, cruising and scaling of forest products, planting, site preparation, and timber land improvement projects.  Collect, summarize, and prepare requested timber reports and maps which provide information in planting units concerning topography, livestock trespass, invasive species and general conditions of the area.
  • Recreation: Assure recreation areas are maintained in accordance with standards and reports on condition of area. Make group and individual contacts in providing forest recreation information and answering questions about recreation management on the unit. Provide specific information concerning camping or swimming and other area regulations such as fire, safety and sanitation. Notify visitors of violations and potential violations.
  • Wildlife: Make wildlife and fish habitat surveys and implements coordination measure such as marking key areas. Perform independently, or as leader of a small project crew in construction or completing wildlife habitat improvement projects such as water developments, fish attractors, or clearing and planting site preparation areas for establishment of more desirable food or cover and other similar tasks. Participate in plant control or type conversion by flagging boundaries, operating equipment, carrying our kill studies, or reseeding.
  • Range: Make range analysis to determine utilization and grazing impact, and maps out key use areas. Check allotments for compliance with permit and management plan and contacts permittee about maintenance and/or construction needs. Perform maintenance on range fences, lays out location for fence construction or cattle-guards and other range structural improvements, and locates areas suitable for the construction of range ponds or works on re-vegetation or plan control projects.
  • Vegetation: Participate in noxious plant control, seeding, or similar projects by flagging boundaries, operating equipment, and carrying out kill studies. Identify plant specimens in the field and collects and prepares specimens. Identify plants and noxious weeds and determines how they grow. Apply the proper chemicals to control noxious weeds. Use botanical key to identify plants encountered during field trips or surveys of forest and range areas. Compily and summarizes the vegetation types obtained from ground surveys including forest health monitoring, biological evaluations, and range surveys. Layout of experimental plots by taking measurements and marking corners and boundaries.
  • Fire and Fuels: Execute fuel treatment plans, slash hazard appraisals and hazard reduction plans. Record fuel treatment activity records for required reports and final project completion. Operate motor vehicles and equipment in support of fire suppression activities.

Participants will gain:

  • A two-year hiring authority allowing interns to apply to internal Forest Service positions.
  • Mentorship from a master performer throughout the program in an apprentice-style setting that trains them specifically for a pre-identified permanent position in the Southern Region.
  • An invitation to a Southern Region job fair to apply for full-time positions.  The timing of the job fair will coincide with the ending of the internship

Participants should:

  • Have an interest in natural resources, public service and connecting people to their public lands.
  • Be willing to move to locations in the Southeast.  For this internship, a permanent position for which the intern is highly encouraged to apply is located in Jessieville, AR.
  • Be interested in working in and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Application Deadline: May 13, 2017
Start Date: July 10, 2017
End Date: December 22, 2017
Stipend: $12/hr

Questions? Email Eboni Preston at
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