The WiRED Experience: Kiara Ventura Pimentel

My name is Kiara Ventura Pimentel. Currently I work in the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge as an assistant in educational activities and as lead assistant in the Youth Conservation Corps program (YCC). I started working on May 18, 2015. This experience has been rewarding as I have had the opportunity and experience of doing several things. I learned about environmental conservation and have been able to overcome strong fears of performing work traditionally considered to be performed by men. For me it has been an honor to be apart of this conservation group, the island of Vieques is a full environmental treasures protected by the Wildlife Refuge, and during this time I was able to provide a bit of conservation for my home. 1 This group of young YCC members has won my friendship and affection. Together we have been able to carry out different activities that have been full of learning and new experiences for everyone. The list of activities includes sea turtles monitoring, beach cleanups, garbage recollection, maintenance of tourist areas and buildings adjacent to the Refuge, field visits for birds and other species monitoring and other outdoor activities. Being a leader during these weeks has helped me confirm that I am able to perform tasks previously not performed because of distrust of my ability, and this was unique and rewarding experience. We have worked hard full days of being hot and exhausted, but always leave very pleased to be apart of the people who help save the Earth daily. 2 I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and I hope that in the future other youth from Vieques can benefit from this program, because it provides the motivation of youth. I can not continue any further without first thanking Greening Youth Foundation for opening the doors to its service, the National Wildlife Refuge of Vieques for providing support and welcoming me as part of the team for these weeks, YCC for allowing be apart of them and for letting me gain their trust, admiration, and affection, Sandra Ortiz for monitoring my work efficiently, being my friend and gain his trust, to the biologists Erick and Francheska for helping in everything we asked of them. Finally many thanks to all for contributing to my summer work experience to become a memorable and beautiful. – Kiara Pimentel Ventura 5 7 DSC_0159 (1) 8 9

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