WASO PRSP Records Management 2017

Internship Description: The records of the National Park Service include documentation to tell future generations the impressive story of the guardians of the nation's great natural, cultural and recreational areas.  These records contain information ensuring our accountability to the public and Congress.  The value and service of these records lies on their continuous availability in making future management decisions.
The Interns will work with the NPS Records Officer to determine bureau records needs, and provide assistance with preparing WASO program offices with the development of office file plans and filing arrangements.  The initiative will serve the public as well as the students by permitting the students to help manage and preserve the records of the IR Directorate – an important public resource – at the same time that they are learning.  The Interns will assist with the prompt and proper transfer of eligible records to the Federal
Records Center and conduct non-FOIA records management data calls and record searches. Additionally, this internship will provide students the opportunity to connect with the national parks and understand current issues related to resource collections management and conservation in parks. This internship program will enable students to experience the kinds of real life situations and decisions that national park professionals face in their various fields of study.  This agreement will offer the students important and unique career exploration opportunities. NPS will mentor students and help them acquire valuable practical experience and build relationships with professionals and organizations in the media neutral records preservation, to include electronic records – and through management of these archival holdings, the students will learn about other areas of public history and its related fields (including historic preservation, and administrative history research) that those holdings document.
The students will provide technical assistance and expertise to the NPS in meeting its records and archives responsibilities and to assist with managing these responsibilities in preparation of the move of the NPS Program offices to the Department of Interior Building.  The RM staff, meanwhile, will provide the students with training not only in archival best practices and archival management in NPS, but also on program operations and NPS archival resources that are available for research use.
Records Management is a field that is undergoing rapid technological and methodological change, which will be a tremendous challenge to students as they embark upon their careers.  Of particular note in this regard is the emergence of digital archives and the evolution of methods for determining the long-term evidential, informational, and legal value of the records on which to base records retention strategies.  This agreement will provide students with opportunities to assist in the development of long-term digital organization and preservation strategies by assessing and improving digital search capabilities, and critiquing the effectiveness of new "Big Buckets" disposition methodologies in comparison with more traditional appraisal and scheduling techniques.  This will give the students direct experience in the most critical and controversial subfields of modern archives, and enable them to envision new solutions that can be used not just by NPS and DOI but also by records management and archival enterprises throughout the United States.
This project will include the implementation of the email, Enterprise Records, and Document Management System (eERDMS).  eERDMS is the U.S. Department of the Interior's (DOI) cohesive integrated information management program, supporting 98,000 users.  eERDMS promotes public trust and transparency through the efficient records and document management of DOI's missions and programs. The Interns will review and interpret records and information program directives, instructions, regulations, and delegations of authority for potential impact on program objectives, operating policies, work operations, and progress.  The Interns will provide support with inventory management of NPS electronic data and physical records, including categorizing records for ensuring the appropriate disposition.  The Interns will configure eERDMS to capture conservation projects electronically from beginning to end.
The Interns will have daily guidance, education, and training from experienced staff in records preservation techniques. The Interns will also get experience in the Freedom of Information Act process. The hands on aspect of this project, and the guidance provided by trained NPS professionals, will provide the Interns with an exceptional opportunity to experience firsthand the NPS Legacy Preservation stewardship.  This internship will provide a mechanism for students in this Specialization to gain experience in managing and processing complex archival collections associated with public lands and resources, and experience in applying Federal records management and disposition regulations and procedures.
Intern Qualifications: Candidates for this position must be currently enrolled or a recent graduate of an HBCU/Minority Serving institution that studied History, Archives Management, Library Science and/or Historic Preservation. Candidates possessing some knowledge and enthusiasm in historic preservation are strongly preferred. Candidate must have the ability to review, store, manage, and respond to records inquiries from NPS staff.
September 25, 2017 start date.
Additional qualifications:
¿             Must be a recent graduate or currently enrolled in an accredited HBCU institution
¿             Must be between 16 and 25 years of age
¿             Must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident
¿             Must be able to pass a federal background check
Internship Duration & Number of Interns:
(total hours & hours per week)
•             One 52-week year-long intern, 40 hours a week – Position Open, Start September 25, 2017
•             One 20-week summer interns, 40 hours a week – Position selected.
Internship Stipend Rate: $10.00 per hour / 40 hours per week
Internship travel budget: $200/month travel for 12 months for year-long intern, $200/month for 5 months
Housing: N/A
Other / Misc. Comments Polos uniforms & a name tag for each intern


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